Voice Depth

Here’s How I Got a Deeper Voice (the 5 Best Techniques)

If you came here from Google, you’ve probably already been through a heap of articles on how to get a deeper voice. The problem with these is, none of them seem to be written by people who are actually speaking from experience. With each point, you...
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9 Reasons to Get a Deeper Voice

The world is full of people trying to look as good as they can, but when it comes to sounding good people become strangely bashful. They describe their voices with contempt and avoid recordings of themselves for years like some strange creature, afraid...
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Morgan Freeman tells you how to get a deeper voice

Morgan Freeman didn’t always have that voice. He had to work at it. In fact, he recently stated that the first major step he made towards becoming an actor was learning to lower the pitch of his voice. The voice started when I was in college, when my...
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