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Upgrade to Vocular Pro for a full list of benefits, including:

  • An on-the-fly depth-tracker, so you can practise different speaking techniques and immediately see their effect
  • Unlimited archive space
  • Exercise alerts, to make sure you don’t miss your targets
  • Progress graphs, which log your depth, mode, median and mean to show you the progress you’ve made


We’re also working to bring you the following upgrades as part of Vocular Pro:

  • A whole vocal coaching system, so you can choose whether you want to sound more attractive or authoritative and get detailed advice on how to achieve this with your voice
  • A vocal attractiveness rating, based on the latest acoustic research
  • Vocal fry detection, telling you what percentage of your voice is fry
  • A smoothness rating, so you can practise speaking more smoothly
  • An improved voice depth measurement, which takes into account formant dispersion as well as pitch
  • A nasality measurement, as many men who think they have high-pitched voices actually have low-pitched, nasal voices
  • And any other suggestions for changes that we like
These will all be free for users who have already upgraded, although we may change the price of Vocular Pro in the future as we add more and more upgrades.


  1. Hugo

    How can I delete recordings?
    Oh and also the fields below don’t display text. If they do I just can’t see it. This makes typing kind of hard but I was determined. Cool app guys.

    1. Vocular

      Haha, great determination. Thanks for letting me know, I better get that sorted.

      You can delete recordings by dragging the bar to the left in your Archives. The Delete button should appear then.

  2. Henry

    I’ve just purchased the app from the App Store, and it appears to be the standard version. How do I upgrade to the Pro version?

    1. Vocular

      Hi Henry, what features are you looking for? It was my understanding that we did away with the Pro version, so you should already be able to access it

  3. Albina

    it will be great if its available for windows ….looking forward


  4. Hicaro

    Hei not sure where I can practice or see the exercises

  5. Alexander

    Hi guys. Great work!

    Can you help me by which track I can measure my progress to deeper voice?

    1. Vocular

      Hey Alexander, and thank you. Do you mean which lines on the graph you should pay the most attention to? Personally, the median and the mode are my favourites because they don’t really get affected by extreme frequencies (the average can be skewed higher if a frequency of 300Hz was detected in a sample, but this would not affect the mode and hardly affect the median). Is this what you were wondering about?


  6. Edward Ross

    When are u going to put the training in to get rid of nasality. I have humbly waiting over a year. If your plans are not to do anymore with the app please let me know. I do love your app.

    If you know of a app or website i can goto to work kn getting rid of nasaility
    Please let me know

    1. Vocular

      Hey Edward,

      Agh, sorry, I didn’t realise people were especially waiting for these. Realistically, I think things are at a bit of a standstill. Stuart (the developer) is very busy with other things at the moment, so I’d either have to pay him a figure that I wouldn’t get a return on, or learn the kind of code necessary to make these changes myself. I do plan on doing the latter – and I actually left my job on Friday so I’d have more free time for stuff like this – but who knows how long that might take. I haven’t encountered any app or website that does this kind of thing, so all I can suggest is practising speaking while pinching/blocking your nose (and avoiding sounds like m, n and ng, which are necessarily nasal). The less nasal your voice, the easier it’ll be to speak that way, and the less different your voice will sound when pinched/unpinched. I could maybe create some sentences for you to practise with if you think this sounds worthwhile?

      1. Saul

        Hey I’m not the original guy who asked this question but I would be interested in some sentences to practice making my voice less nasal.

        1. Vocular

          Hi Saul, this isn’t really my area because I’ve never had a nasal voice and I’m still not sure how to automate this kind of thing, but I think nasality is just a ‘bad habit’ so you should be able to train yourself out of it. If you pinch your nose and speak without saying any Nadal consonants (i.e. m, n, ng), then it should be easier to get your words out if you’re not speaking nasally. So you can experiment with redirecting your energy from your nose to your mouth. Hopefully this helps – I plan to get to grips with measuring nasality soon.

  7. Carter

    When will these new updates come about?

  8. Priscila Priscila

    This App can be used for Woman?

    1. Vocular

      Yes, there are female matches too

  9. Kendal Brenneman

    How do I upgrade? Sorry if that’s a dumb question, just can’t see how to do it.

    1. Vocular

      Hey Kendal, we merged the upgrade into the current version so it’s just that now. I’m starting a PhD in voice research in September though, so there will be genuine upgrades soon.

  10. Tom

    I’ve only been using this for a few days but am not seeing anything plotted on the chart. Am I missing something?

    1. Vocular

      Hi Tom, are you submitting recordings? We don’t do it automatically because some people get their friends to use it so not all recordings are valid.

  11. Hardek

    When will these future updates come?

    1. Vocular

      Hi Hardek, I’m not sure, although I’m working on the algorithms at the moment as part of my PhD. Covid’s made it harder to run experiments to get the right data though. Are there particular updates you were interested in?

  12. Walid

    Hey, liking this app and the idea is brilliant. I’d love to see the new updates for Android. Tracking progress, getting notified to exercise, seeing the actual plots over time, and also the actual programs sound interesting. Are you planning on releasing them soon? I see it’s been a couple years in the making now. Thanks.

    1. Vocular

      Hey Walid, thank you! Yeah, I’m actually doing a PhD at the moment to build these programs. They’re more complicated than I first thought and the pandemic doesn’t exact help with data collection, but I’m 95% accurate with the first model.

      As for the Android version, you can’t already do those things? I know my version has the tracking graph (you need to save a recording, then submit it for it to appear on the graph). Maybe we don’t have the notifications though? I’ll charge mine up and check.

  13. Michelle Lee

    When are you going to make a windows and or mac and or linux version of this? I use my windows pc to do all my music stuff it is alot better and easier then using a phone in my opinion, Let me know if you will ever make a pc version of this.

  14. Luis

    Is there an update for the pro version with the exercises and schedules?
    This is something I’m interested in.

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