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  1. Moiz

    Any update on when the Android version is going to be released? Seems like a really useful tool.

    1. James

      Hey Moiz,

      Thanks, I think it’ll be next month when we have the Android version out. We’re currently doing work analysing the huskiness of voices, since that tends to be the most attractive feature. I’ll let you know when it’s out.


      1. Moiz Rauf

        Awesome. Not sure why I didn’t get notified for this comment though (I thought I clicked the notify me button), so just shoot me an email when it does get released. Thanks,

  2. Christian

    So is the Android App going to be released soon? I am really curious about it. I really want to see this app. I just found out about it today and I am wondering when it will be released. I am willing to pay for it . Also I wonder how monotone NFL head coach would Bill Belichick would be, I think he would be the most monotone person.

    1. Moiz Rauf

      Agreed – would love to get the Android app!

  3. Francisco

    Hey James! Any developments in the android version of Vocular? I saw the last comments but the app isn’t out yet. When will you release it? Any time stimatives?

    1. Vocular

      Yeah, I actually have it on my Android, we’ve just got to fix a bug which makes it quit sometimes when the user ends a recording. Should be out in a few days, give or take however long it takes Android to approve it.

  4. Dylan Burkett

    Hello, I am singer that is looking to lower both my speaking and singing voice. Would this also lower my singing?

  5. Raj Adigal

    Hi Stuart
    I downloaded the app and the only option I had was to pay $1.99. Is that the pro version? If not will you be including that for free or charge additional amount?

    1. Vocular

      Hi Raj, we’ve now merged the Pro version with the original, so $1.99 is the only payment.

  6. CHRIS

    Hi could you add Chris Hemsworth and Vin Diesel to it please?

    1. Vocular

      Hey Chris, we actually already have Diesel in the database. Hemsworth’s a good shout, I think I missed him off because he’s more famous for speaking in an accent which isn’t his own, but he probably doesn’t change his pitch when he does this. I’ll add him in the next version. Tom Hardy too.

  7. Doug

    How can I get to the exercises?

    1. Vocular

      Hey Doug, I talk about the exercises in this blog post here:

      I’d start doing the neck exercises, but bear in mind that your neck becomes weaker and more tight before it gets stronger, so your voice should get higher for the first week. Let me know if you need clarification on anything.

  8. John

    Could you please elaborate on this? Check the screenshot. It says my voice depth is 79hz, but average is 90hz and median is 90hz and mode is 90hz, and highest is 114Hz? So if that is the case why is my voice depth indicated as 79hz? Is the calculation correct?

    The image above illustrates what I mean.

    I did it over and over again and

    1. Vocular

      Hey John, yup, the Voice Depth refers to the lowest significant note in your voice. If you check your distribution, 79Hz should basically be where your frequencies end. I added it because I was concerned that people who spoke with rather varied tones would be reported as having higher voices than they actually do, although, as it turns out, people tend to rate more monotone voices as being deeper.

      If you click on each line of the Analysis, you should get a brief explanation of what each parameter refers to. Let me know if it’s not working for your device though and I’ll look into it.

  9. Drew

    I’m getting a 62 avg score, which I’m taking to indicate deep, low sound. But I definitely have a higher pitched voice. What could be happening?

    1. Vocular

      Well, what makes you so sure your voice is higher pitched? One shortcoming of the app so far is that it doesn’t account for nasality at all, and there are guys out there like Richard Ayoade who literally have low-pitched voices but their nasal quality raises the frequency of some formants and makes their voices sound higher. Do you think that could be going on with you?

  10. Peter

    Hi! I’ve been using Vocular sporadically for almost a year now and absolutely love the app! I just got a new phone and was really hoping to not lose my archives sound files. Do you know how I can transfer or save these files? I’m using Android and I can’t find them via the app, internal storage, gallery, etc. – but I’m sure they’re there! Any idea where to look?

    Thank you 🙂

    1. Vocular

      Hey Peter, ah yeah, I’m not sure you can transfer these files in any way. I’ll ask the developer and get back to you though. It’s certainly something we should add in the future.

  11. Kendal Brenneman

    Hello! Maybe I misunderstood what you mentioned in one place, but I’m wondering how to get, or upgrade to get, the depth-tracker where you can practice different speaking techniques and immediately see their effect. Is it the chart thing? Thanks!

    1. Vocular

      Oh, no, you should be able to just enable it in the Settings. We tend to have it disabled by default because it looks cooler without it, but it is useful.

  12. Andrew

    Hello! My girlfriend seems attracted and even a bit hypnotized by the voice of a friend of mine… That have of course a deeper voice, but my question is: i can obtain that effect with me too or now she is used to my voice?

    1. Vocular

      Hey Andrew, I’d have to hear his voice to know for sure, but you can definitely deepen your voice if that’s what’s good about his. Maybe not to the same pitch, but deeper. It’s a gradual process too, so she probably wouldn’t notice the incremental change.

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